seriesOne Ecosystem Gains Momentum with Key Investments and Partnerships

NEW YORK, March 26, 2019 — seriesOne today announced its rapid growth efforts with its series of major partnership and acquisition moves in the last five months. As the only end-to-end platform for fundraising and issuing digital securities, seriesOne has successfully expanded to Switzerland, Seoul, and New York; acquired software development firm, Dynamo Development; and launched partnerships with Canada-based Polymath, top South Korea-based crypto exchange, Bithumb, and iDisclose, a proprietary legal technology platform.

“Our mission to offer the world’s most complete investment and digital securities platform, backed by industry best technology and long-standing Wall Street connections, is off to a red hot start in 2019,” said seriesOne CEO Michael Mildenberger. “Between November’s Bithumb announcement and this month’s recent global acquisitions and partnerships, including Dynamo Development in which we were able to accelerate the delivery of solutions for issuers and react to market demands with the support of an additional 40 engineers, we’re gaining meaningful traction in the ecosystem.”

seriesOne enables investors to put a new wrapper around a familiar or traditional asset, with a view towards broadening the market and enhancing liquidity. This simplified asset and distribution channel that is easier to customize, manage and approve, leveraging blockchain and infrastructure to enable assets, funds, and companies to digitize ownership in a way that is more inclusive, liquid and regulation-compliant, with reduced management costs for investors.

Key developments include:

Bithumb – created a new exchange in the U.S. that seeks to offer a compliant marketplace to trade tokens offered as securities, subject to approval by the SEC, FINRA and other applicable regulatory agencies.
Polymath – enables issuers to create and manage tokens that are compliant throughout their entire lifecycle; from initial offering to trading on a secondary exchange.
iDisclose – provides legal and disclosure documents to issuers coming through the seriesOne platform. The service enables seriesOne to help their clients by providing a cost-effective solution for filling out detailed disclosure documents that are required by the Securities and Exchange Commission for companies raising capital.

New Offices
New York – launched the New York office after hiring Yvonne Beri, Investor Relations Advisor and Dmitry Grinberg, Chief Technology Officer
Switzerland – hired former Accenture consultant, Marcus Maute to launch the Zurich office as the Global Head of Issuer Management.
Seoul – welcomed Kaine B. Kim, the former Deputy Director of South Korea’s Financial Services Commission (“FSC”), to become the Head of Legal & International Development. Kim will assist seriesOne clients and stakeholders in accessing the South Korean and other major Asian capital markets while ensuring compliance with international law, evolving structures and governing bodies.

Dynamo Development – the acquisition enabled seriesOne to expand and strengthen its in-house technology development capabilities and accelerate the delivery of solutions for issuers.
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About seriesOne

seriesOne is a leading blockchain based FinTech company formed by industry veterans with decades of expertise across technology, investment banking, venture capital, and financial compliance. The firm enables digital security offerings by providing a combination of key technology, strategic consulting, regulatory compliance, fundraising infrastructure and access to a network of investors worldwide. All seriesOne services are designed to comply with applicable securities regulations, enabling companies to register, market, and escrow their fundraising initiatives.